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Benelong soon learnt to speak English and told Governor Phillip about his people. Benelong was used to fight the Aboriginal resistance movement led by Pemulwuy. Benelong was sent to track Pemulwoy. His attempts did not lead to finding any of the aboriginal people. Many people said this was because Benelong did not want the capture of Pemulwoy or any aboriginal people.

Benelong and another aborigine, Yemmerrawanyea went to England with Governor Phillip for three years. Benelong met the King and both aborigines were the centre of attention. In 1794, Yemmerrawanyea died of pneumonia. Benelong returned to Sydney and helped Governor Phillip to try to understand the Aboriginal people.

Benelong was not trusted by his own people. They said he was too much like a white man. White people did not treat Benelong as an equal. Benelong tried very hard to reach an understanding between aboriginals and white people. This did not work and Benelong died in 1813.