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Early Life Child hood:

When Albert was born his parents called him Elea. After the aboriginal mission adopted him, they changed his name to Albert. Before he went to the aboriginal mission his life in the desert was much better then the aboriginal mission. He knew his old lifestyle up to the age of thirteen. When he was thirteen he received a special important aboriginal ritual - initiation. From his old tribe he learnt a lot of tings like: traditional laws, and customs from tribal elders. He lived in his tribe for six months. Albert was a famous aboriginal painter.

Educational Experiences:

Albert became a painter by listening to his elders and practicing every day. He said he had a gift of painting. Albert attended to school at the mission. He had limited education. But later he worked on the station.

Personal Qualities:

He was inspired by Rex Batterbee and John Gardener, they were both artists. He then began to paint. This gave him ambition to paint. Albert was trapped between the white and the black world. Because he started making money through his paintings and as he was a ward of the state the government decided to tax his earnings. They granted him citizenship. However, the government wouldn't let him buy land. His life became confused.

Beliefs: He came from a traditional tribe however he was brought up by a mission. He had a aboriginal uppring.

by Chris
Year 5