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Jesus Christ

Mary, the Mother of Jesus was visited by the Angel Gabriel, who announced that she had been chosen by God to be the Mother of the Saviour of the World. Mary was to call her son, Jesus. Mary said "Yes."
Mary and her husband Joseph left their home in Nazareth to travel to Bethlehem to take part in a census. Mary, heavily pregnant, travelled on a donkey with Joseph by her side. When they reached Bethlehem, they could find no room at any inn. They were given a stable to rest for the night. It was in this stable that the Baby Jesus was born. A star appeared in the sky, which was a sign that a Saviour was born. Wise men and shepherds saw the star and travelled to the stable to worship the child. Mary and Joseph had to flee to Egypt after the birth to escape King Herod, who wanted to harm the newborn baby.
Jesus began to spread the message of God at an early age in the temple. Mary and Joseph could not find him. When he was found he told his parents he was doing his Father's work. Nothing more is recorded of Jesus' ministry until adulthood. Jesus gathered a group of disciples, with whom he travelled the country spreading the good news of God's kingdom, performing miracles of healing and bringing salvation to the poor and downtrodden people. Jesus' message was one of love for all. However, Jesus' message was misunderstood and people in power plotted against him. Jesus knew he would soon die for his beliefs and his work. He tried to teach his message to his disciples, but they did not understand his message.
Following the Last Supper, Jesus was arrested by soldiers. He was betrayed by one of his followers, Judas, for thirty pieces of silver. His disciples were afraid and one of them, Peter denied knowing him. Jesus was tried by the Roman Governor, Pontius Pilate and found guilty. Jesus was sentenced to death. He was crucified, which means dying by being nailed to a cross. This day is called Good Friday by Christians.
Three days after the Crucifixion, three of Jesus' followers visited his tomb. They found the tomb empty. Jesus appeared to them near the tomb and told them he had risen. Jesus appeared to them several times following the Resurrection. The Resurrection Day is called Easter Sunday.
Jesus Christ was taken to Heaven. This day is called the Feast of the Ascension. Before he left, he told his followers he would send the Holy Spirit. They were to wait for a sign. The disciples did not know what this meant and were troubled. Five weeks after the Resurrection, Jesus sent the Holy Spirit when his friends were in a closed room. The Holy Spirit came to them in the form of wind, flame and a dove, which is the sign of peace. The Spirit gave the disciples courage. They were able to speak in different tongues, which allowed them to spread the Word of God to the end of the world.


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