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Siddharta Gautama was born in India around 600 BC. Siddharta's father was a king. Siddharta lived the life of a rich prince. He had everything he needed while most people in India were very poor. He married and continued his rich lifestyle, but he became bored with his rich lifestyle.

One day he left the palace. He saw the suffering of the people. He saw sickness, old age and death. Siddharta decided to find the meaning of life and left the palace forever. He wanted to find the meaning of life. He wanted to be rid of suffering for all people. To do this people need to reach Enlightenment or Nirvana where there is no suffering.

Siddharta sat under a tree for a long time. He became enlightened. The name Buddha means to be enlightened. He taught many people in the Ganges Area of North India.


Statue of Buddha

in Japan

Buddhism is now a world wide religion.



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